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Peripheral Neuropathy

Do you suffer from numbness, pain, tingling, hot or cold feelings in your feet or hands, shuffling or stumbling, and/or difficulty walking or climbing stairs? You may be experiencing the symptoms [...]

Ergonomics At Work

Ergonomics: the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. It can be a part of the problem or the solution when dealing with chronic pain, especially at work. Not paying [...]

10 Pain-Fighting Foods

Are you looking for natural ways to help with your pain relief? Did you know some foods are naturally pain-fighting foods? Some research suggests that adding these foods to your daily diet can [...]

5 Ways To Stay Hydrated

We talked about this at the beginning of the week, temperatures are in the triple digits and staying hydrated is especially important in Las Vegas. Dehydration can aggravate chronic ailments, [...]