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Dr. Stephen A. Gephardt, M.D.
Stephen A. Gephardt, M.D.
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Dr. Adam Antflick, D.O.
Adam Antflick, D.O.
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Anastasia Van Leuven, PA
Anastasia Van Leuven, PA
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Jocelyn Segovia
Jocelyn Segovia, PA
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Dale Delaney, PA
Dale Delaney, PA
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“Thank you for not giving up on me and for treating me like a person and not a number. You’re the reason I still have faith good doctors work in Nevada.”


“Anastasia is very compassionate and caring – always understanding. Amy is so good to me. This is truly a compassionate and caring facility/office. Extraordinary service. I will continue to refer patients.”

“I appreciate and respect Jen so much. She has helped me along this hard journey. Jennifer is so understanding. I feel so comfortable knowing she is here. Thank you for having such a great passion at this office.”


“She has been providing me with exceptional, over the top quality care. She takes my feelings and medical condition seriously. She treats me as if I am her only patient. I trust her so much with my health care. Thank you Anastasia. See you next month!”

K. W.

“Veronica – She is so good to me. She is so understanding and compassionate. I will never stop coming here.”


“Thank you Anastasia for being a great practitioner to me. This office, staff, doctors and receptionist (Jennifer) are by far the best in Las Vegas – hands down. Everyone is caring and compassionate here. I have never had any problems. I’ve been a patient here for over 3 years.”

“You are very fortunate to have Jennifer. She is not only knowledgeable, but always willing to go the extra mile to get the info for the patient. She has impeccable customer service skills and I have watched the way she has handled even the worst patient.”

Veronica G.

“Veronica is always so understanding and kind, and she helps makes the stress of this illness so much easier by going above and beyond with her patient care.”

“Karen is always pleasant when calling. She is very patient on listening, even if it is not about a medical situation. She is a joyful person.”

Catina H.

“Robin is always very sweet and kind to me. She always seems to be very happy. Its nice to see happy people here. Thank you.”

Melinda S.

“Jennifer and Shelly are a dream team.”

“Everyone is just the best, great staff & doctors.”

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