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Nevada Pain Care

7220 South Cimarron Road Ste 270
Las Vegas, NV 89113
Phone: (702) 912-4100
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Located off the Interstate 215 between S. Buffalo Drive and S. Durango Drive on Warm Springs Rd. Across from Saint Rose Hospital – San Martin Campus

  • "Everyone has been so helpful. So nice and very sweet. The doctor is so sweet. I just "LOVE" you all. Keep up the good work!"

    Glenda S.
  • "I have only had to wait for Dr. Gephardt on two visits. He’s a G-R-R-R-E-A-T doctor, well worth the wait(s)!"

    Dave B.
  • "Thank you all for helping me navigate my new normal."

  • "I appreciate and respect Jen so much. She has helped me along this hard journey. Jennifer is so understanding. I feel so comfortable knowing she is here. Thank you for having such a great passion at this office."

  • "You all out do yourselves here at this office. Very heartfelt and compassionate Dr, nurses and staff."

  • "Best staff I have ever experienced in my 8 years of treatment - from the receptionist to the nurses, to Dr. Gephardt. I actually enjoy coming here instead of dreading appointments as I have in the past with previous doctors and staff. Thank you guys!"

    Justin S.
  • "Dr. Gephardt is the reason I am no longer on high doses of opiates, bedridden, or requiring the occasional wheelchair. It's rare to find a Dr. who really listens to the patient and respects their wishes. Having a background in research and anatomy myself, it is a requirement of mine that not only my does my Dr. understand my wishes, but also treats me like a human being during my journey. I always have a say in my care... and that is one of the few comforting experiences one can have as a patient."

  • "Absolutely amazing. They have all been nothing but professional, kind, understanding and listen very well. Great bedside manner and overall respect for one another along with their patients. I thoroughly enjoy my visits to Dr. Gephardt's office."

    Eddie A.
  • "She has been providing me with exceptional, over the top quality care. She takes my feelings and medical condition seriously. She treats me as if I am her only patient. I trust her so much with my health care. Thank you Anastasia. See you next month!"

    K. W.
  • "Dr. Gephardt, I just wanted to say thank you. I don't think you understand how much I appreciate what you have done for me. I've only been under your care now for three months and you have done more for me than any doctor I've seen in the past three years, and I truly appreciate that. I love coming to your office because I feel like I'm actually receiving answers. Every other doctor has looked right through me because I'm only 21. They treat me like I choose this for my life and I enjoy being in pain, but sitting with you for those 10 to 15 minutes during my appointment you are focused on me and only me. You have given me hope back in my life and that I cannot express enough now that has turned my life around. It's been a long three years for me and for my family, I've struggled so much but you have pushed me in the right direction that I needed. Thank you for not giving up on me when everyone else."

  • "Veronica - She is so good to me. She is so understanding and compassionate. I will never stop coming here."

  • "I love the way you took care of me on my 1st visit. I feel really comfortable with your institute."

    Michael F.
  • "Everything was great. I love Dr. Gephardt and his staff. One of the best doctors and teams/staff I’ve been to so far 🙂 Thank you all!"

  • "Veronica is always so understanding and kind, and she helps makes the stress of this illness so much easier by going above and beyond with her patient care."

  • "I'm a 1st time patient and my treatment was extremely thorough, professional, informative and all around pleasant. I've been to many physicians and Dr. Gephardt is hands down THE BEST. He truly cares for his patients. Looking forward to future care with this staff."

    Rachel S.
  • "Unfortunately, due to my situation, I'm one of their frequent flyers. Although I know I'll never be cured, I'm so blessed to have these caregivers make my need for multiple procedures so routine that it has become much less a depressing stressor."

  • "I love it here! Dr. Gephardt and all his staff. I'll always keep referring people."

  • "Thank you Anastasia for being a great practitioner to me. This office, staff, doctors and receptionist (Jennifer) are by far the best in Las Vegas - hands down. Everyone is caring and compassionate here. I have never had any problems. I've been a patient here for over 3 years."

  • "Chuck and I want to thank you so much for being so kind and caring… This was the best thing that happen to us as far as finding an awesome doctor. He’s a great doctor. Thank you all!"

    Chuck and Ginger
  • "Jennifer is amazing! She remains calm, efficient, professional and caring. She addresses and resolves any issues that might arise (scheduling, check-in, billing, etc.) with kindness and a professional attitude that is an asset to both the patient and staff. Sincerely appreciated!"

    Roberta T.
  • "I recommend you guys constantly. I appreciate you and your core!"

  • "Jennifer - love her! Always polite and always has a smile. She is so helpful and kind. Very professional. Give this woman a raise!!"

  • "Veronica is so caring and sweet. She makes this place comforting."

  • "I have extreme anxiety regarding doctors. I was put at ease immediately. The staff was great, and the doctor was very professional and understood my concerns which he also addressed fully. Thank you all so much!"

  • "The doctor and staff is so caring. Starting off from front desk, you are greeted with a lovely warm smile. The back office is welcoming and caring as well. This doctor is one that takes care of you, he listens without judgment. I love this office and appreciate the care I am receiving. Thank you with all my heart."

  • "I would recommend, because Dr. Gephardt takes the time to listen to me and gives me advice to help me."

  • "I'm so very thankful for my Dr. He has helped me with my back and its unbelievable how a person can help bring some kind of hope to someone... I'm amazed that he has something different to help."

  • "Dr. Gephardt is an excellent doctor. He is outstanding! He cares about his patients on a personal level, while providing many options for a return to a better quality of life through his devoted treatment for them."

  • "Robin is always very sweet and kind to me. She always seems to be very happy. Its nice to see happy people here. Thank you."

    Melinda S.
  • "In one word: SUPERB!"

    Dave B.
  • "My doctor Dr. Stephen A. Gephardt is awesome. The staff is great. Thank you."

  • "Jennifer has always gone out of her way to welcome me and make me feel comfortable here at this office. She always asks how my husband is feeling (he needs a kidney transplant) just out of the kindness of her heart and she is helpful with any questions I have."

    Stephanie G.
  • "There aren't enough words to say how I feel about the treatment that I am receiving from both of you. I've had so many disappointments in the 12yrs prior. I've been given the chance to be treated by two truly dedicated professionals. I've received more attention from both of you to my problems than my previous doctor. Thanks to both of you for all that you've done for me in the short amount of time we've been together. I'm hoping that we will have a healthy relationship while I'm being treated by both of you."

  • "Just a note to tell you that Karen has been great to me. Along with the rest of your staff is great. I hope Karen remains with you for along time. She is a great asset!"

    Deborah R.
  • "Karen is always pleasant when calling. She is very patient on listening, even if it is not about a medical situation. She is a joyful person."

    Catina H.
  • "Anastasia is very compassionate and caring - always understanding. Amy is so good to me. This is truly a compassionate and caring facility/office. Extraordinary service. I will continue to refer patients."

  • "You are very fortunate to have Jennifer. She is not only knowledgeable, but always willing to go the extra mile to get the info for the patient. She has impeccable customer service skills and I have watched the way she has handled even the worst patient."

    Veronica G.
  • "Your office staff is the best. They do everything they can to accommodate your needs. They are all so kind and pleasant. Dr. Gephardt is the best pain management doctor ever."

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