Lumbar/cervical spine decompression therapy is a technique used at Nevada Compassionate Pain Care to help relieve lumbar, low back, cervical or neck pain. The treatment is safe and effective. It is rapidly gaining in popularity because of the results seen in treating back and neck pain without surgery. Clinical significant reduction in pain from this treatment.

How long does spinal decompression relieve my pain?

Before your treatment begins, you are evaluated by the staff to determine candidacy. Your medical history, physical examination and MRI carefully reviewed. If you are a candidate for therapy, an individual treatment plan is created for your specific needs. A typical plan may be as few as 12 to 15 treatments. It is important to complete the plan and the full healing process, even if you feel improvement from early treatments. It is not uncommon to experience a significant reduction in pain soon after beginning the treatment plan.

Can I continue my other pain treatment?

Patients are encouraged to continue all treatments while undergoing decompression. These may include injections, physical therapy, acupuncture, behavioral assessments and medications. We know the combined approach of multiple modalities is the most effective way to treat complicated pain problems.

What can I expect during each treatment session?

At the beginning of each session, you are fitted with a comfortable harness designed to offer optimal decompression. The computer is programmed in accordance with your specific treatment plan. Additionally, you are in complete control and can shut down the treatment any time if discomfort should occur. During each session, you experience multiple cycles of distraction/relaxation, which may take 15 to 20 minutes. During the distraction cycle, you may feel some relief of the pressure in the area where your pain exists. During this time, your body is responding by flooding the area with valuable oxygen, blood and nutrients which help promote the natural healing process.

What Is Spinal Decompression?

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